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SMSFLEND powered by Lendtribe is a SMSF Specialist Lending service. We understand how to achieve your property investment goals through your SMSF.

Borrowing through your SMSF does not need to be as complex and challenging as once thought, with many clients growing their wealth through property inside their SMSF.

We know that the questions on every investor’s mind is how much can I borrow and what is my maximum purchase price?

Just complete our simple form below for your maximum SMSF borrowing power and purchase price.

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Here are some Self Managed Super Fund Lending facts from one of our Senior Lending advisors and SMSF certified specialist Peter Oates who has 15 years in experience in the SMSF specialisation as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Peter will guide you on how best to achieve your lending goals inside the SMSF environment.

Below are some of SMSF Facts:

27% of the superannuation market as SMSFs.

82% of SMSFs have a balance over $200,000.

84.3% of SMSFs are 45 years of age or older.

58% of SMSFs are still in accumulation phase, growing wealth.

33% Of SMSFs are partially in retirement phase, growing wealth and drawing income.

Australia continues to embrace SMSFs and take control of their wealth by investing in assets they believe in and understand. Let us join you on your journey to Financial Freedom using your SMSF as a vehicle to achieve your goals.

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